League of Women Voters (LWV)

League of Women Voters Duluth is 200+ members strong and is part of the State and National League of Women Voters. League of Women Voters Duluth was one of the first Leagues in Minnesota and has had an active role in Duluth since the 1920’s.

LWV Duluth is a multi-issue, grassroots volunteer organization of concerned women and men working together to better understand and influence the issues that affect us, our families, and our future.  We are a political, but non-partisan, organization dedicated to researching complex questions from all viewpoints.

 LWV Duluth does not support or oppose any political party or candidate.
 League of Women Voters Duluth strengthens our community by:

  • Promoting voter registration
  • Conducting candidate forums
  • Influencing public policy through education and advocacy
  • Observing city council and school board meetings
  • Providing leadership opportunities through volunteer service
  • Studying issues of local, state, and national importance

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